Metal Finishing

The Final Finish believes in the phrase, “Any Metal…Any Finish.”  Whether your job is grandma’s sterling silver or carbide inserts, we have polished it.  Every metal has its own characteristics that require a specific polishing processes to achieve the proper results, and we understand each metal and what has to be done to produce your required finish.  Our customers have the peace of mind knowing their polishing needs are being met with quality each and every time by experienced professionals.

Tool and Die Polishing

The Final Finish polishers can polish any metal to any finish.  With experience in polishing and finishing metals from the softest sterling silver to the hardest carbide, we know that virtually any metal can be polished.  We have invested in electronic scope technology, which allows for the magnification of the smallest parts and mold components, and enables us to maintain shape and edge integrity.  Additionally, these scopes can photograph intricate surfaces for inspection when necessary.  We use our custom built lathes to spin polish round and radius components, which produces an efficient and consistent surface finish. 

Our many years of experience enable us to apply the proper polishing techniques and materials to produce our high quality finishes, and in light of our equipment and experience, we have a reputation for polishing what others, due to complexity, turn away.  We have built our reputation in the tool and die industry by providing quick turnaround times, competitive pricing and workmanship that will exceed your expectations. Quotes, final tolerance inspection reports and references are available upon request. 

We also offer repair and reconditioning services which include welding, grinding, burr removal, burning and polishing.  We will deliver your parts back to you ready to be put into your mold so that you can get back to production.


We are one of the few companies specializing in Tool and Die SPE-SPI polishing and finishing in existence today. Our specialization has allowed us to build a loyal customer base in the Tool and Die industry with many high quality precision tool shops that demand excellence.  We produce these finishes: while maintaining centricity on round pieces, edge integrity on small parts, in deep cavities, on both large and small parts, and in hard to reach areas; all the while maintaining all tolerances as requested by the customer. If quality workmanship, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing are important to you then look no further than The Final Finish.

SPI Finish
                        A-1                 Grade #3 Diamond Buff
Diamond       A-2                Grade #6 Diamond Buff
                        A-3                Grade #15 Diamond Buff
                        B-1                  600 Grit Paper
Paper             B-2                 400 Grit Paper
                        B-3                 320 Grit Paper
                        C-1                  600 Stone
 Stone            C-2                  400 Stone
                        C-3                  320 Stone
                         D-1                  Dry Blast Glass Bead #11
Dry Blast        D-2                 Dry Blast #240 Oxide 
                         D-3                 Dry Blast #24 Oxide